I’m a seasoned Adventurer with a lifetime spent exploring both the UK and abroad, mainly on foot but also by mountain bike or paraglider. I’ve climbed in Europe, Alaska and Africa, including making several first ascents of routes in the UK.

I was born in Dorset, but after University I moved to Bristol and have lived there ever since. I am married with two grown up children. I worked in Aerodynamics, specialising in computational methods and research - I still find it hard to understand why a company would pay you to do things that were so much fun! I’m now retired.

Since my early twenties I’ve always carried a camera with me, mainly to ‘capture the moment’.  In the early days I used film cameras and mainly shot Kodachrome 64, in particular I had a Nikon FE2 SLR and a compact for when I was climbing. People who have never used film will not understand the thrill of a three week wait for your box of slides to drop through the letter box, only then to discover that you had set the ISO incorrectly! Needless to say I have thousands of slides that one day will hopefully be scanned. I regret moving to digital too early, but I now use the Canon 5DSR DSLR, with a range of Canon lenses, and supplement it with a Sony RX100 III when mountain biking and paragliding.

I admire anyone who gets out to take photos, whether it is in the wild or near their car. In the crowded world that we live in it is becoming ever harder to find real solitude and capture a new perspective, and increasingly difficult to differentiate your work from that of the thousands of other photographers. If I could offer some advice then it would be that if you want to photograph a rainbow you may need to get wet and staying in bed never does you any favours. Remember as well that the definitive image of any subject has yet to be captured.

In my website you will find images from my adventures and travels both at home and abroad. I hope you like some of my photos and that they may inspire you to start planning your next adventure. Enjoy the ride!

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